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Academic Decathlon

Johnson County Central Academic Decathlon


2023-2024 Academic Decathlon Regionals Results

On Wednesday January 17th, the JCC Academic Decathlon students took four online tests for regional testing. They took test in the subjects of Art, Music, Economics and Math.

Then on Saturday January 20th, the team traveled to Nebraska City to take two final tests in Literature and Science. The students also competed in the Super Quiz team competition.

With the success from regionals, JCC has qualified for the state competition at UNO on February 16th-17th, 2024.

Here are the results:

Honors – Regular Team
Salena Conley – 2nd Art, 2nd Economics, 1st Super Quiz Team
Kaitlynn Plager – 3rd Art, 3rd Science, 3rd Math, Top Scorer, 1st Super Quiz Team

Scholastic – Regular Team
Juanita Grobler – 1st Science, 2nd Art, 2nd Economics, 1st Super Quiz Team
Aiden Strecker – 2nd Art, 2nd Music, 3rd Literature, 3rd Science, 1st Super Quiz Team

Varsity – Regular Team
Juan Ceballos – 2nd Art, 3rd Music, 3rd Literature, 2nd Math, 1st Super Quiz Team
Jadeyn Grobler – 3rd Art, 3rd Science, 1st Literature, 2nd Math, 1st Super Quiz Team

Honors – Alternate Team
Maya Straka – 1st Music, 1st Math, 1st Science

Scholastic – Alternate Team
Zeke Burki – 1st Art, 1st Math, 2nd Music, 2nd Economics

Varsity – Alternate Team
Daisy Gardner – 2nd Literature, 2nd Math, 1st Science, 3rd Economics
Brayden Beethe – 1st Art, 2nd Music, 2nd Math, 3rd Economics

2023-24 JCC AcaDeca Team (not pictured: Jadeyn Grobler and Zeke Burki)

(Not Pictured: Jadeyn Grobler and Zeke Burki)

2023 JCC AcaDeca Team

(Not Pictured: Dawn Sejkora)

Academic Decathlon Regional Competition (1/18/2023)

JCC placed 2nd as a team, but did not qualify for state. Small schools qualifying for state: Mount Michael, Duschene, & Cozad.

This year's Regional Competition occurred on a JCC snow day. With much of the state at home due to the weather, some of the other schools had technology issues -- requiring some students (including JCC) to retake two tests. So these JCC students spent their snow day taking 9 tests online! 

Regular Honors
Salena Conley- JCC Top Scorer, 2nd Art, 1st Literature, 1st Math, 1st Art, 1st Literature
Kaitlynn Plager – 3rd Literature, 3rd Music, 3rd Social Science, 3rd Art 3rd, 2nd Literature

Regular Scholastic
Jadeyn Grobler – 1st Music, 3rd Science, 2nd Social Science
Juanita Grobler – 1st Literature, 3rd Music, 1st Math, 2nd Art, 1st Literature

Regular Varsity
Jailine Maniquez – 2nd Literature, 2nd Math, 3rd Science, 2nd Literature
Daisy Gardner – 3rd Literature, 2nd Science

Alternate Honors
Maya Straka – 3rd Art, 3rd Literature, 1st Music, 2nd Math, 2nd Economics, 1st Science, 2nd Social Science, 2nd Art
Nayeli Maniquez – 2nd Literature, 3rd Art, 3rd Literature

Alternate Scholastic
Kimy Orozco – 1st Literature, 2nd Math, 3rd Science, 3rd Social Science, 1st Literature
Maddie Jansen- 3rd Art, 2nd Music, 3rd Economics, 2nd Science, 1st Social Science, 1st Art, 2nd Literature

Alternate Varsity
Abi Chavez – 2st Art, 3rd Literature, 1st Math, 1st Economics, 2nd Science, 2nd Social Science, 2nd Art, 3rd Literature
Dawn Sejkora – 1st Literature, 3rd Music, 2nd Science, 3rd Social Science, 3rd Art, 1st Literature

JCC - State AcaDeca 2022

State Academic Decathlon (2/18 - 2/19/2022)

JCC competed at State AcaDeca held at Bellevue University on Friday & Saturday, Feb 18th/19th. The following JCC students were recognized with awards: 

• Abbi Jamison: 3rd Place Interview, 3rd Place Math
• Houston Bailey: 2nd Place Fine Arts
• Kaita Baird: JCC Top Scorer

Academic Decathlon Regional Competition (1/12/2022)

JCC placed 1st in our regional and qualified for state!

1st Place Team – Abbi Jamison, Cameron Daniels, Keiry Najera, Jadeyn Grobler, Salena Conley, Kaita Baird

Regular Team – Varsity
Abbi Jamison – 1st Art, 1st Literature, 2nd Science, 2nd Social Science
Cameron Daniels – 2nd Literature, 1st Music, 2nd Economics, 3rd Science

Regular Team – Scholastic
Jadeyn Grobler – 3rd Literature, 3rd Music, 3rd Science
Keiry Najera – 4th Math, 4th Social Science

Regular Team – Honors
Salena Conley – 2nd Art, 3rd Literature, 2nd Social Science
Kaita Baird – 2nd Literature, 2nd Math, 1st Music, 2nd Economics, JCC Top Scorer

Alternate Team– Varsity
Houston Bailey – 1st Art, 2nd Literature, 2nd Math, 3rd Music, 3rd Science, 1st Economics, 3rd Social Science
Jailine Manriquez – 2nd Art, 3rd Literature, 1st Math, 1st Music, 2nd Economics, 1st Science, 2nd Social Science

Alternate Team – Scholastic
Kimy Orozco – 1st Art, 1st Literature, 2nd Math, 3rd Music, 1st Economics, 3rd Social Science

Alternate Team – Honors
Bonnie Mejia – 3rd Art, 1st Literature, 3rd Math, 3rd Science
Juanita Grobler – 3rd Literature, 3rd Math, 1st Music, 2nd Science

JCC Academic Decathlon Team (2022)

(Not pictured: Cameron Daniels)

Academic Decathlon Regional Competition (1/20/2018)

Saturday January 20, 2018 the Johnson County Central’s Academic Decathlon team competed at our regional competition at Pius X High School. There are six schools in our regional: Ashland-Greenwood, Adams Central, Brownell-Talbot, Cozad, Ravenna and JCC. Each student took six written exams over Science, Economics, Math, Music, Literature, and Art. All tests are 50 questions except math has 25 questions. Competitors have 30 minutes per test.  Students are competing with people with similar grade point averages. The three levels of competition are the highest of Honors, next Scholastic, and finally Varsity. 

The final event of the day is Super Quiz. The Super Quiz topic this year focused on the Social Science information over Africa. Students go on stage in pairs to answer a group of ten questions. Each school sends one pair for each of the three rounds of competition. The Thunderbirds came in 3rd in the Super Quiz event. The students that competed were Simon Rother, Ashlei McDonald, Hannah Swanda, Courtnie Zyla, Gunnar Burger and Cheshire Burger. 

Two of our most experienced competitors placed the best. Hannah Swanda received Gold in Art and Economics. She also placed 2nd in Literature, Math and Science. Hannah also had the top Scholastic total score in our regional. Gunnar Burger got a Gold in Math at the Varsity level. He received 2nd place in Literature, Art, Music and Science. Gunnar also had the highest total score in the Varsity category in our Regional. Hannah and Gunnar will be missed next year at competition as they are seniors and we will lose them to graduation. Cheshire Burger placed 3rd in Music at the Varsity level. 

2017-18 JCC AcaDeca Team at Regionals -- Back Row: Tina Richardson (coach) Courtnie Zyla, Simon Rother, Hannah Swanda, Gunnar Burger, Grant Moles (coach), Devon Roesener (coach). Front Row: Ashlei McDonald, Cheshire Burger

2018 JCC Academic Decathlon Team at Regionals


2016-17 Team Members:
Annika McDonald, Sara Kettelhake, Sloan Pollard, Courtney Klaasmeyer
Juniors: Hannah Swanda, Gunnar Burger
Sophomores: Simon Rother, Autumn Nolte
Freshmen: Greg McGinnis, Gabe DeFreece 

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The Johnson County Central Academic Decathlon team competed at the regional competition on Saturday January 21, 2017, hosted at Pius X High School in Lincoln. JCC was competing against Adams Central, Ashland-Greenwood, Brownell-Talbot, Cozad and Ravenna in the small school regional. The team consists of seniors: Annika McDonald, Sara Kettelhake, Sloan Pollard and Courtney Klaasmeyer; juniors: Hannah Swanda and Gunnar Burger; sophomores: Simon Rother and Autumn Nolte; freshmen: Greg McGinnis and Gabe DeFreece. 

The students took six written tests over the subjects math, science, economics, literature, music, and art. The regular team members also competed during the Super Quiz competition over social science. Most of the tests were focused around the World War II era.  Simon Rother and Hannah Swanda tied for the highest JCC scorer. The other results are as follows:

Hanna Swanda
3rd Language/Literature
3rd Art

Sara Kettelhake
4th Music

Courtney Klaasmeyer
2nd Language/Literature
2nd Music
3rd Art
4th Economics

Gabe DeFreece
1st Music
4th Economics

Annika McDonald
2nd Language/Literature

Greg McGinnis
3rd Math

Simon Rother
2nd Language/Literature
2nd Music
2nd Art
3rd Science

Sloan Pollard
3rd Language/Literature
3rd Music
3rd Art
2nd Economics

Gunnar Burger
2nd Language/Literature
1st Art
2nd Math
1st Economics

2015-16 Team Members:

Seniors: Grant Moles, Bryce Sahs, Bryan Murphy
Juinors: Sara Kettelhake, Schyler DeFreece, Courtney Klaasmeyer, Sloan Pollard, Annika McDonald
Sophomores: Hannah Swanda, Sierra McClintock, Gunnar Burger, Konnor Hardesty, Gabi Alvarado
Freshman: Katie Alexander

The 2015-2016 main topic for the USAD is India. The JCC AcaDeca team will be studying studying art, music, economics, and the social science of India. The team is reading the novel Nectar in a Sieve. The math focus is Algebra. Science is on Ecology. This year's goal is to return to state competition in Omaha in February. 

2015-16 Schedule:
January 16, 2016: Academic Decathlon Regionals
February 19-20, 2016: State Academic Decathlon (Omaha)

Sponsors: Tina Richardson, Devon Roesener, Jack Moles

2016 Nebraska State Academic Decathlon results: Team 3rd Place (Small Schools)

JCC AcaDeca State 2016



The JCC Academic Decathlon team finished in 3rd Place at the State Competition in Omaha. The team also finished in 2nd Place in Super Quiz! 

Continue reading below for all of the individual results, including JCC's Grant Moles who not only finished as the Top Scorer for JCC, but also the Top Scorer for Small Schools!

Grant Moles - Regular Honors, 3rd Place Team, 2nd Place Super Quiz, 1st Place Art, 1st Place Economics, 1st Math (Perfect Score), 2nd Place Science, 2nd Place Speech, 3rd Place Language/Literature, 2nd Place Music, Top Scorer For JCC, Top State Scorer For Small Schools

Sierra McClintock - Regular Honors, 3rd Place Team, 2nd Place Super Quiz

Sara Kettelhake - Regular Honors, 3rd Place Team, 2nd Place Super Quiz

Bryan Murphy - Regular Scholastic, 3rd Place Team, 2nd Place Super Quiz, 3rd Place Science

Bryce Sahs - Regular Scholastic, 3rd Place Team, 2nd Place Super Quiz, 2nd Place Essay, 3rd Place Science

Courtney Klaasmeyer - Regular Scholastic, 3rd Place Team, 2nd Place Super Quiz

Annika McDonald - Regular Varsity, 3rd Place Team, 2nd Place Super Quiz, 2nd Place Math, 3rd Place Language/Literature

Gunnar Burger - Regular Varsity, 3rd Place Team, 2nd Place Super Quiz, 2nd Place Math

Sloan Pollard - Regular Varsity, 3rd Place Team, 2nd Place Super Quiz, 2nd Place Math, 3rd Place Speech

Hannah Swanda - Alternate Honors, 3rd Place Team, 2nd Place Hard Science, 2nd Place Soft Science

Gabi Alvarado - Alternate Scholastic, 3rd Place Team

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UPDATE: The JCC Academic Decathlon team has qualified for the State Competition in Omaha on Feb. 19th-20th! JCC placed 1st at the Regional Competition and finished 2nd Place in the Small Schools Division across the state. Congratulations!

On Saturday, January 16 the Academic Decathlon team competed at Regionals at Lincoln Pius X. The main topic for USAD this year is India. Each student took tests over art, music, literature, economics, science, and math. Each test they have 30 minutes to complete. All the tests except math have 50 questions. The math test has 25 questions.

At the end of the day, six of the students participated in Super Quiz. Two students at a time go up in front of a crowd and answer ten questions. This is repeated with the next two, then the final two. These questions were over the history of India.  Our JCC students answered 13 of the 30 questions correct. This may not seem like a very good percentage, but we did receive 1st place out of the 6 teams participating.

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Listed are the medals the students received.

Honors Level
Grant Moles – 2nd Math, 1st Economics (School Record), 3rd Art, 1st Language/Literature, 1st Science (School Record), 2nd Music, 1st Super Quiz
Sierra McClintock – 3rd Language and Literature, 1st Super Quiz

Scholastic Level
Bryan Murphy – 2nd Language and Literature, 1st Economics, 2nd Art, 1st Super Quiz
Bryce Sahs – 3rd Art, 3rd Math, 3rd Science, 3rd Music, 1st Super Quiz

Varsity Level
Gunnar Burger – 1st Science (School Record), 2nd Music, 3rd Math, 1st Super Quiz
Annika McDonald – 3rd Art, 1st Music, 1st Super Quiz

Alternate Honors
Hannah Swanda – 1st Math, 3rd Economics, 2nd Art
Sara Kettelhake – 1st Language and Literature, 1st Science, 1st Economics

Alternate Scholastic
Courtney Klaasmeyer – 3rd Economics, 3rd Art, 2nd Language and Literature, 2nd Science, 1st Music
Gabi Alvarado – 3rd Music, 1st Math, 2nd Economics

Alternate Varsity
Sloan Pollard – 1st Math, 2nd Economics, 3rd Language and Literature, 2nd Science, 3rd Music