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JCC Mission Statement

Journey Together...
Creating Opportunities...
Committed to Excellence...

Viajar Juntos...
Creando Oportunidades...
Comprometidos a la Excelencia...

Mission and Vision Committee

The mission and vision committee included the members of the steering committee, a student, and a school board member. The committee met in the computer lab over several weeks to discuss options for the new statement. Each person completed the questions on page seven of the Nebraska Framework Handbook as the beginning point of those conversations.  

After long conversations over those questions and during several meetings, it was unanimous that the letters JCC remain in that statement. The group also unanimously agreed that the statement be much more concise than the previous statement, and used the words: journey, opportunities, commitment in some form of the word, and excellence. The committee felt that these words defined the district’s purpose and direction of educating students.

The word journey was important to include because the education of students is about teamwork. It is a process. This begins in the home with students and parents, and then with the addition of faculty, staff, and administration. It is a journey through the development of each and every student.   

The committee also felt it important that the statement include wording that focused on academic opportunities offered both on site and off. At the same time, the committee wanted wording that showed the commitment to reach all students with different teaching and learning strategies and with equality for all.

The committee also felt that the word excellence be included due to the professional development that is offered and supported in the district whether it be in program areas, extracurricular activities, or technology. These workshops, clinics, and courses provide opportunities for faculty and staff to strengthen teaching and coaching methods.
The statements that everyone agreed on were these:
1. Journey Together... Creating Opportunities... Committed to Excellence.
2. Journey Together... Committed to Excellence... Creating Opportunities
3. Journey Together... Creating Opportunities... Committed to Excellence
4. Journey Together ... Creating Opportunities... Committing to Excellence

As a committee these were the key points that are the focus for teaching and learning for the district, but wanted the input of the staff and students. A survey went out to all staff and students in grades 6-12. There were 160 responses. The one with the most votes was #1.  

The new Mission and Vision Statement which is hanging throughout the buildings in English and Spanish reads;

Journey Together... Creating Opportunities... Committed to Excellence

Mission Statement (PDF)

For more information, please visit the "School Improvement" page under the District tab.