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Ways to Help Your Preschooler at Home!

March 21, 2016

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Dear Mom and Dad,

I am learning so many great things at preschool.  This letter tells you about some of the things that I am learning and how you can support my learning at home.

I am learning about shapes and locations.  I need you to help me count and place objects.  When we set the table together, you can tell me to put the first cup next to the plate and place the fork on top of the napkin.

I am learning about patterns and measurement.  Ask me about what happened yesterday, and what will happen tomorrow.  I can also predict what might happen next in a story and help you follow a recipe.

I am learning to explore my world using all of my senses.  I need you to provide me with lots of hands-on activities to explore nature.  I like to predict what may happen then experiment with you to see what happens.

I am learning about how things work in my world.  I need you to ask me lots of open-ended questions – “How do you know that?”  “What do you think will happen?”  “Why does it do that?”  I may not always be correct, but it’s important that you value my thought process.

When I play with materials such as blocks, clay, sand, and water, I develop skills in critical thinking, logic, and problem solving.  When I play, I experiment with cause and effect, with counting and sorting, and with putting things in order. 

Mom and dad, thanks so much for taking the time to help me learn.


Your Preschooler

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