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Learning Goals from Mrs. Benson’s First Grade Class of 2017-2018

November 16, 2017

First Grade can be a big step to take in becoming an independent learner and knowing more about our world through reading, math, written language, and social sciences.

Our class has goals for each area or subject that we learn about each day.

Our learning goal in the area of reading is to read fluently and understand what is read.  We are working on understanding the elements of a story.    We discuss what the characters are, where the setting takes place, and the sequence or plot of the story in what happens at the beginning, the middle, and the end.  Important ideas to better understand a story is to know what the main idea is and the details to support the purpose of what is being   read. Practicing our story and being able to read fluently helps to better understand what the story is all about and recall the information.

In the area of written language our learning goal is to write complete sentences using our own ideas to communicate information. All sentences have important parts to practice each day. All sentences start with capitals and end with a punctuation mark. Sentences have nouns, verbs, and adjectives to help create a picture and an understanding of ideas wanting    to be shared with others.

For the area of math, our goal is to use math skills in our everyday lives. We study and practice patterns, facts, shapes, numbers, measurement, and problem solving stories.

In the area of Social Sciences, our goal is to learn about the world around me.  We study about the seasons, holidays, traditions, rules, plants, animals, people, and different habitats and weather. Learning about the world we live in helps to better understand how we can make a difference   in being a good citizen and respecting our earth we live on.

We use our learning goals each day to help develop our independent ideas and skills.

There is a lot of concepts in first grade to learn and remember each day. This huge step will open up new paths and opportunities throughout our lives.

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