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One District, One Book

August 29, 2017

This year on Tuesday, September 5 our school, grades PK-8 will be embarking on a special project, a district-wide book club called One School/One Book. Every family will receive a copy of the same books – Betty G. Birney’s The World According to Humphrey and The One and Only Ivan – and will be asked to read them together at home this fall and next spring. Please take the time so that your family can participate in this special activity.

Reading aloud at home is valuable because it better prepares your child to be an effective reader, and it is also a fun, worthwhile family activity. With the One School/One Book program, we aim to build a Community of Readers throughout our entire school district. Everyone in grades PK-8, parents, teachers, even administrative staff – will be literally all on the same page.

Your child will receive a copy of The World According to Humphrey in September and The One and Only Ivan next January. Along with the book, you will receive a reading schedule so that you can keep up at home. Generally, you will be asked to read about 10-15 minutes each night.

In school, your child will be invited to answer daily trivia questions to encourage and reward attentive listening. In class, students will explore the book through activities and discussions. You will want to make sure your family keeps up so that your child can be included.

For once children of all grade levels will all be listening to their parents read the same book. It actually makes sound educational sense. Reading professionals recommend reading material out loud that is beyond a child’s own reading level. We also believe that you can and should continue reading chapter books with your older children, even when they are able to read by themselves. 

We have selected titles that can be followed and understood and enjoyed by younger students, but will still capture and stimulate interest in older children.

We hope that you’ll enjoy this special reading time with your children. 

“When a whole district reads a book, there’s a lot to talk about.”

Reading Schedule for The World According to Humphrey By Betty G. Birney
Sept. 5 (pp. 1-7) Chapter One – The Return of Mrs. Brisbane
Sept. 7 (pp. 8-16 Chapter Two – Night Life
Sept. 8 (pp. 17-24) Chapter Three – The Two Faces of Mrs. Brisbane
Sept. 11 (pp. 25-32) Chapter Four – The Most Important Man in the World
Sept. 12 (pp. 33-41) Chapter Five – Plans are Hatched
Sept. 14 (pp. 42-49) Chapter Six – Moonlight Madness
Sept. 15 (pp. 50-56) Chapter Seven – Sayeh Speaks Up
Sept. 18 (pp. 57-65) Chapter Eight – Tricks and Treats
Sept. 19 (pp. 66-75) Chapter Nine – The Art of Self-Defense
Sept. 21 (pp. 76-83 Chapter Ten – Garth Versus A.J.
Sept. 22 (pp. 84-92) Chapter Eleven – TV or Not TV
Sept. 25 (pp. 93-101 Chapter Twelve – Peace Breaks Out
Sept. 26 (pp. 102-107) Chapter Thirteen – Thanks but No Thanks
Sept. 28 (pp. 108-113) Chapter Fourteen – Hide-and-Go-Squeak
Sept. 29 (pp. 114-122) Chapter Fifteen – Happy Hamsterday
Horario de lectura para el libro El Mundo de acuerdo a Humphrey Por Betty G. Birney
Sept. 5 (pp. 1-7) Capitulo 1 – El regreso de la senora Brisbane
Sept. 7 (pp. 8-16) Capitulo 2 – Vida Nocturna
Sept.8 (pp. 17-24) Capitulo 3 – Las dos caras de la senora Brisbane
Sept. 11 (pp. 25-32) Capitulo 4 – El hombre mas importante del mundo
Sept. 12 (pp. 33-41) Capitulo 5 – Un buen plan
Sept. 14 (pp. 42-49) Capitulo 6 – Locura de luna llena
Sept. 15 (pp. 50-56) Capitulo 7 – Selma habla claro y firme
Sept. 18 (pp. 57-65) Capitulo 8 – Truco o trato
Sept. 19 (pp. 66-75) Capitulo 9 – El arte de la defense personal
Sept. 21 (pp. 76-83) Capitulo 10 – Gregory se enfrenta a James
Sept. 22 (pp. 84-92) Capitulo 11 – jNada que hacer!
Sept. 25 (pp. 93-101) Capitulo 12 – Estalla la paz
Sept. 26 (pp. 102-107) Capitulo 13 – Gracias, pero no
Sept. 28 (pp. 108-113) Capitulo 14 – Juguemos al escondite
Sept. 29 (pp. 114-122) Capitulo 15 – jAlegria para el mundo!