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2017 E-Rate RFP

2017 E-Rate RFP Documents

RFP - Cat2.2017 Wireless (PDF)

RFP - Cat2.2017 Cabling (PDF)

RFP - Cat2.2017 Switches (PDF)


1. If you only accept new products does the vendor need to be an authorized reseller?

No; however if not an authorized reseller, vendor should provide similar or equivalent warranty & support coverage of an authorized reseller. 

2. Will you accept partial submissions?

No; all equipment requested is needed to upgrade our network.

3. Will you accept equivalent substitutions?

The RFP states the following: If vendor’s proposal does not meet these requirements or proposes an alternative solution, a full replacement switch infrastructure at all four buildings must be bid; contact Marcus Scheer for additional details. (See also question #5)

4. Could you kindly provide the make and model of the equipment you are considering?

We are requesting proposals for HP 2530 48G POE+ switch (J9772A), HP 2530 48G POE+ w/ 10G uplinks (J9853A),1G Transceiver (J4858C), and 10G Transceiver (J9150A). These model numbers and quantities can be found in Section 1.1 of the RFP Cat2.2017 Network Switches. 

5. For "RFP - Cat2.2017 Switches" -- following up on "If vendor’s proposal does not meet these requirements or proposes an alternative solution, a full replacement switch infrastructure at all four buildings must be bid; contact Marcus Scheer for additional details."

The alternative solution should include full replacement switch infrastructure at all four buildings, including the following existing switches: 

6 - HP 2530-24G (J9776A)
5 - HP 2530-48G (J9775A)
3 - HP V1910-24G-PoE (JE007A)
2 - HP ProCurve 2810-48G (J9022A)
2 - HP 2530-24G-2SFP+ (J9856A)
1 - HP E5406zl (J8697A)
1 - HP V1910-24G (JE006A) 
1 - HP ProCurve 2810-24G (J9021A)
1 - 3COM 3CRBSG2093

6. For "RFP - Cat2.2017 Wireless" -- In section 3.1 you state that you are looking for implementation and initial configuration.  Do you require installation (hanging of the access points).  If so can we get more details on where your drops are located and whether we will need special equipment (i.e. lift, extension ladders, etc.) to accomplish this install.

The physical installation of the access points is not required, but can be included. Locations in classrooms are accessible via step ladder. Access points in gyms may require additional equipment.


QUESTIONS from the district walk through on Friday, March 24th, 2017

  1. What kind of mounting options in the gyms?

    1. Additional housing or mounting brackets are optional, but not required.

  2. What kind of fiber do you want?

    1. Multi-mode fiber that is compatible with 1G Transceivers (such as HP J4858C) and 10G Transceivers (such as HP J9150A).

  3. How many strands of fiber do you want?

    1. Six strands.

  4. Where are the runs between the floors in the High School?

    1. Runs include, but not limited to:

      1. 1st Floor Counselor/Guidance Office ceiling to 2nd Floor

      2. 2nd Floor “Work Room” floor to 1st Floor

      3. 2nd Floor hallway display case

      4. 1st Floor Cafeteria

  5. Where do you want to terminate the cable in the gym?

    1. Placement should be estimated from map (one AP drop location per section of bleachers - ie: one on the north side, one on the south side). Exact location may be determined by vendor, but bid should all necessary cabling accessories/brackets to reach location.

  6. Do you want the terminate the AP cable in the middle of the room?

    1. All AP cables should terminate near center of the room. In the Elementary Tecumseh Building (no drop ceilings), the AP cable can be terminated closer or on the wall.

  7. How much extra cable should there be for the AP’s?

    1. The RFP requests a “10 foot service loop” in Section 2.1.

  8. Is there an attic in the Elementary (Tecumseh)?

    1. Is it easily accessible?

    2. There is attic space above the 2nd Floor - accessible via 2nd Floor Mens Bathroom Closet and a few ceiling access doors in classrooms. There is no attic/ceiling space between the 1st & 2nd Floors. There is some unfinished basement space below the 1st Floor.

  9. Is there a raceway in Elementary Tecumseh?

    1. No. There are no major existing raceways in any of the buildings.

  10. Should the cable be terminated to the 2nd floor or 1st floor rack in the Elementary (Tecumseh)

    1. All AP cables should be terminated to the 1st Floor Rack in the Elementary Tecumseh Building.

  11. Mount AP’s on drop ceiling?

    1. In rooms with drop ceilings, APs should be mounted to the drop ceiling.

  12. Asbestos in Elementary Tecumseh?

    1. Still unknown - we are still working on this. If you have specific areas where you are concerned, please let me know.

  13. Can you get a wire run through the basement of the elementary?

    1. Yes, access is through the Art Room (basement room 109) and maintenance closet by the main elem office (first floor).

  14. Can you walk all across the ceiling of the Elementary Tecumseh gym?

    1. There is walkable attic space above the Elementary Tecumseh gym -- accessible via wall-mounted ladders.

  15. How does the cable come from the first floor of Elementary Tecumseh?

    1. It looks like the cable comes from the floor where there is access in the basement/crawl space.

  16. Do you need rackspace?/Does the new rack need to fit the existing equipment?

    1. How much?

    2. Do you need cable management?

      1. Yes - per the RFP, additional data racks may be required. Please account for new equipment and approx 10 percent for growth. Additional cable management pieces, such as NeatPatch cable management, are also encouraged in calculating rack space.

      2. Per the walk-through, there are two data locations (Location B - Middle School Cook & Location B - High School) with existing equipment currently not rack-mounted. For this location, please provide rack-space to accommodate our existing equipment too.

      3. Location B - Middle School: 7U of existing equipment space

      4. Location B - High School: 4U of existing equipment space

  17. Does it need to terminate to a patch panel?

    1. Per the RFP Section 2.1, the AP cables must be terminated with a patch panel in the data rack side.

  18. J-Hooks for cable?

    1. How far apart?

    2. J-Hooks are not required, but some form of cable management is recommended.