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2020 MUDECAS Basketball Tournament (Updated)

January 06, 2020

The brackets have been released for the 2020 MUDECAS Basketball Tournament held in Beatrice, Nebraska. The tournament will run Monday through Saturday, January 13th-18th, 2020.

The JCC Girls Basketball Team received the 3rd Seed in the B Division and will face Tri County on Monday at SCC-Beatrice at 3:30 PM. The JCC Boys received the 7th Seed in the A Division and will face Falls City Sacred Heart at 5:00 PM at the Beatrice City Auditorium. 

The JCC Girls will face HTRS in the Girls B Division Semifinals at 3:30 PM on Thursday at SCC. 
The JCC Boys will face BDS in the Boys A Division Consolation at 1:15 PM on Saturday at the Auditorium.

The JCC Girls lost to HTRS, 60-36, and will now face Pawnee City in the Girls B 3rd Place Game.

Due to the weather, all Friday games are postponed. All remaining games will be played on Saturday. 
The JCC Girls defeated Pawnee City, 50-43 in overtime, to win 3rd Place of the Girls B Division. 
The JCC Boys lost to BDS, 51-50 in overtime.

Congrats to the following JCC players recognized on the Jane White All-Tournament Teams: 
Dakotah Ludemann - Girls B Division First Team
Zadie Plager - Girls B Division Honorable Mention
Eli Waring - Boys A Division Honorable Mention

Click below for the full brackets (PDF)

2020 MUDECAS Basketball Tournament - Girls Bracket » FINAL BRACKET (with scores)

2020 MUDECAS Basketball Tournament - Boys Bracket » FINAL BRACKET (with scores)



Monday - Girls Results:
Girls A Division: (at Auditorium)

3:30 PM - Bruning-Davenport-Shickley (3) defeats Meridian (6), 60-41
5:00 PM - Sterling (2) defeats Johnson-Brock (7), 41-35
6:30 PM - Falls City Sacred Heart (1) defeats Freeman (8), 45-30
8:00 PM - Diller-Odell (5) defeats Exeter-Milligan (4), 50-40

Girls B Division: (at SCC Beatrice)
3:30 PM - JCC (3) defeats Tri County (6), 52-17
5:00 PM - HTRS (2) defeats Palmyra (7), 53-34
6:30 PM - Southern (1) defeats Parkview Christian (8), 60-20
8:00 PM - Pawnee City (5) defeats Lewiston (4), 38-21

Tuesday - Boys Results:
Boys A Division: (at Auditorium)

3:30 PM - Tri County (3) defeats Bruning-Davenport-Shickley (6), 69-32
5:00 PM - Falls City Sacred Heart (2) defeats JCC (7), 65-39
6:30 PM - Parkview Christian (1) defeats Johnson-Brock (8), 64-43
8:00 PM - Palmyra (5) defeats Freeman (4), 41-25

Boys B Division: (at SCC Beatrice)
3:30 PM - HTRS (6) defeats Pawnee City (3), 47-44
5:00 PM - Diller-Odell (2) defeats Lewiston (7), 54-53
6:30 PM - Exeter-Milligan (1) defeats Meridian (8), 58-32
8:00 PM - Southern (5) defeats Sterling (4), 54-35

Thursday - Semifinals Results:
Girls A Division Semifinals: (at Auditorium)

3:30 PM - BDS defeated Sterling, 52-46
5:00 PM - Falls City Sacred Heart defeated Diller-Odell, 54-25

Boys A Division Semifinals: (at Auditorium)
6:30 PM - Palmyra defeated Parkview Christian, 63-47
8:00 PM - Falls City Sacred Heart defeated Tri County, 57-44

Girls B Division Semifinals: (at SCC Beatrice)
3:30 PM - HTRS defeated JCC, 60-36
5:00 PM - Southern defeated Pawnee City, 30-24

Boys B Division Semifinals: (at SCC Beatrice)
6:30 PM - Southern defeated Exeter-Milligan, 55-48
8:00 PM - Diller-Odell defeated HTRS, 46-43

Due to weather (Friday games being postponed), all remaining games will be played on Saturday (both girls & boys).

Saturday - All Remaining Games:
8:45 AM — B Div 3rd Place: JCC defeats Pawnee City, 50-43 (OT)
11:45 AM — A Div 3rd Place: Sterling defeats Diller-Odell, 43-29
2:45 PM — B Div Champ: HTRS defeats Southern, 46-35
5:45 PM — A Div Champ: BDS defeats FCSH, 47-46

8:45 AM — Lewiston defeats Parkview Christian, 52-21
10:15 AM — Palmyra defeats Tri County, 37-32
11:45 AM — Freeman defeats Exeter-Milligan, 59-41
1:15 PM — Johnson-Brock defeats Meridian, 47-33

10:15 AM — B Div 3rd Place: HTRS defeats Exeter-Milligan, 56-54
1:15 PM — A Div 3rd Place: Tri County defeats Parkview Christian, 65-48
4:15 PM — B Div Champ: Southern defeats Diller-Odell, 46-30
7:15 PM — A Div Champ: FCSH defeats Palmyra, 48-37

2:45 PM — Sterling defeats Meridian, 58-38
4:15 PM — Pawnee City defeats Lewiston, 52-40
5:45 PM — Freeman defeats Johnson-Brock, 46-39
7:15 PM — BDS defeats JCC, 51-50 (OT)

2020 MUDECAS Tournament Jane White All-Tournament Teams

Girls A Division
First Team:

Erison Vonderschmidt, FCSH
Macy Kamler, BDS
McKenzie Witt, FCSH
Regan Alfs, BDS
Macy Richardson, Sterling

Honorable Mention:
Addison Dorn, Freeman
Anna Sluka, Exeter-Milligan
Jordan Koehler, Johnson-Brock
Josiee Sobotka, Meridian
Addison Heidemann, Diller-Odell
Colby Thies, Sterling
Taylor Sliva, BDS
Rachel Magdanz, FCSH
Emily Swanson, Diller-Odell
Rylee Haecker, BDS

Girls B Division
First Team:
Carissa Allen, HTRS
Dakotah Ludemann, JCC
Kaylee Klover, Southern
Katilyn Glathar, HTRS
Kambree Singleton, Southern

Honorable Mention:
Aleni Rogers, Parkview Christian
Katelyn Sanders, Lewiston
Kynlee Uher, Tri County
Clara Whyman, Palmyra
Zadie Plager, JCC
Krista Menninga, Pawnee City
Tori Smith, Southern
Natalie Novak, HTRS
Austin Branch, Pawnee City
Ellie Schaardt, HTRS

Boys A Division
First Team:
Jake Hoy, FCSH
Kaleb Kempkes, Palmyra
Tyler Witt, FCSH
Andrew Waltke, Palmyra, 
Cole Siems, Tri County

Honorable Mention:
Dalton Kleinschmidt, BDS
Trey Yates, Freeman
Eli Waring, JCC
Ty Hahn, Johnson-Brock
Jamie Juncal, Parkview Christian
Jakob Jordan, FCSH
Trenton Hammond, Palmyra
Lucas Weise, Tri County
Jarrot Simon, FCSH
Colton Jantzen, Tri County

Boys B Division
First Team:
Austin Jurgens, Diller-Odell
Carson Borzekofski, Southern
Jacob Meyer, Diller-Odell
Brock Adams, Southern
Nic Knudson, HTRS

Honorable Mention: 
Patrick Williams, Meridian
Sam Boldt, Sterling
Paxton Mohr, Diller-Odell
Riley Wegner, Southern
Isaiah Lockard, HTRS
Max Zeleny, Exeter-Milligan
TJ Mawhiney, Pawnee City
Hayden Christen, Lewiston
Jackson Beethe, Exeter-Milligan
Preston Baehr, Southern